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Colour Herbe is the first organically based permanent hair colour gel with the added benefit of having the capability of covering white hair without the use of ammonia. Colour Herbe is the only permanent hair colour, on a worldwide scale, which will colour hair without damaging its structure.

Colour Herbe has an organic vegetable/herbal base which is gentle in action, both on the hair and scalp and its formulation from organic ingredients reduces the possibility of irritation to the scalp.

It does not contain ammonia and therefore eliminates the risk of accumulative toxic poisoning.

Organic ingredient hair colouring

Colour Herbe colours hair, not the scalp, and even in the use of darker colours, there is no staining, the colour, it just rinses away. It’s unique formulation and organic base produces the required results without the risk of damage to the hairs’ structure. In fact, use of Colour Herbe maintains, and in some cases improves the condition of the hair and therefore greatly reduces colour fade giving longer lasting colours even in the gold, copper and red tones.

Hair colour range in Adelaide

It has the ability to cover white hair on its first application in most cases without the need to pre-soften, pre-pigment or damage the hair prior to colouring. With 30 shades in the range there are colours which are totally intermixable allowing for the achievement of any colour result desired.

Colour Herbe has a gel base which has a unique, easy to apply consistency which covers extremely efficiently without creeping or running. It is ideal for any of the different types of colouring methods used in the progressive salon, including partial and foil high and lowlighting.

Vegan Hair Products in Adelaide

This product does not contain animal ingredients, nor has it been tested on animals. Active Herbal Ingredients:

Cichona – a plant that originates from South America and has particularly stimulating properties for the skin. It produces a yellow-grey pigment which is particularly effective in hair colouring.

Walnuthusk – a plant which is native only to the Mediterranean. The leaves and bark are infused to produce a brown pigment which is utilised in different concentrations according to the depth of the colour required. Rhubarb is also used.

Plant-based Hair Product in Adelaide

Antica Erborsteria S.r.l. is a family business established in 1970 by Michele Albergo. He was a forward thinking pioneer who apprenticed to a famous Swiss herbalist, who handed on all his formulas and research to this enterprising young Italian passionately in love with plants and nature. Through his extensive knowledge of plants Michele Albergo was able to formulate colours that protected the hair structure by reducing the weight of the chemical ingredients and exploiting the natural synergy offered by some plant extracts. Thus was born Professional Color Herbe. Antica Erboristeria has been the undisputed market leader in natural hair colour for 30 years, being sold in 28 countries worldwide.

Color Herbe Flash Fashion in Adelaide

SIX New Colours that can be used alone or mixed with other shades. If covering grey FF1, FF2, FF4, F5, FF6 are on base 7. FF3 is on base 5. Quality and safety are traditional feature of the manufacturers of the Color Herbe range and Antica Erboristeria have now developed FLAHS FASHION with No Ammonia and No Resorcinol. As with the Color Herbe colours FLASH FASHION covers grey from the first application (follow above instruction for best coverage) Aloe Vera (well known for its anti-oxidizing properties with mucillangins, vitamins and panthenol) to protect and nourish the hair while colouring.

Contains no ammonia or other harmful substances that can damage the structure of the hair.

Uses as developer an emulsion, hydrogen peroxide, very diluted to preserve the hair structure.

Thanks to the vegetal extracts which perform also as colouring agents, it protects and nourishes the hair during colouring.