LOGONA Herbal Hair Colors

For Nature’s most beautiful colors
Nothing makes you feel quite so good about yourself as healthy, voluminous hair with fresh and lively color. Whether you want only to add some depth or a subtle nuance to your existing hair color, or to change your hair color entirely, LOGONA Herbal Hair Colors can do the job. And do it without attacking the natural structure of your hair.

Herbal Hair Colors really work differently
Chemical hair colors function by stripping natural pigments from the interior of the hair shaft, and then replacing these pigments with synthetic dyes. This aggressive method allows you to change your hair color completely. However, natural hair pigments tend to have stabilizing effect on the overall hair structure, and repeated chemical colorings can make hair fragile and lifeless.

By contrast, LOGONA Herbal Hair Color penetrate only into the outer layer of the hair shaft, and coat the shaft with a thin color layer. The undamaged natural pigments of the hair shine through the LOGONA color layer, creating a very individual color result. Your new hair color results from the combination of your initial color combined with the LOGONA color later.

Color brilliance, shine and volume
Applying a LOGONA Herbal Hair Color not only provides safe and gentle coloration, but also strengthens the hair and increases hair volume. It has a smoothing effect on the scaly outer layer of the hair shaft, which increases the light reflected from the hair, making it appear shinier and glossier.

Natural Ingredients
LOGONA Herbal Hair Color contain only natural, plant colorants, such as henna and walnut shells, and combine these with natural conditioners such as wheat protein and jojoba.

How to mix LOGONA Herbal Hair Color Powders
Pour boiling water into the hair color powder and mix to a creamy consistency. To deepen the color result, use black tea or coffee instead of water. Many users achieve unique and beautiful color result by mixing two or three hair colors together. Especially in the red and brown spectrum all imaginable nuances are possible.

As individual as you yourself
LOGONA Herbal Hair Colors are “semi-permanent” colors that typically provide long-lasting color. They are not temporary colors that wash out in a few days. How long a LOGONA hair color will last depends on hair structure, general care and treatment practices, and lifestyle practices.

For shoulder-length hair of average texture, you will need one package of LOGONA Herbal Hair Color powder, or one tube of LOGONA Color Cream. To color longer hair effectively would require more product.